Constructor – Emil Wiechert
Proizvođač: G. Bartels, Göttingen
Year of production: 1909
Seismometer natural period: 8-10 s
Damping ratio: (3-7):1
Pendulum mass: 1000 kg
Static magnification: 0-240 times
SEISMOGRAMS (24 hours)
the window is refreshed every 10 minutes
The last data are shown with the red vertical line:
left - new data, right - 24 hours old data
up: NE-SW component
down: NW-SE component

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  The Wiechert horizontal seismograph arrived in Zagreb on March 12, 1909. Mohorovičić installed the seismograph in the basement of the building at Grič 3, and set it in trial operation on March 16, 1909.   The seismograph was operating at Grič until March 27, 1984.

Seismograph (disassembled into parts) was moved into this building on September 12, 1985, and was thoroughly reconstructed until 1988. Due to the orientation of the room in which the seismographs were originaly installed, horizontal axes were directed NW–SE and NE–SW, not as standard N–S and E–W. This setup is kept here as well. Wiechert horizontal mechanical seismographs are still in operation.