Sprung-Fuess barograph




Manufacturer:                                               Sprung-Fuess

Year of production:                                               unknown

Magnification:                                                       10 times

Temporal resolution:                                                 1 h/cm

Pressure resolution:                                         1 mm Hg/cm




The Sprung-Fuess barograph was installed on March 1, 1903. Because it was impossible to deliver the mercury-filled barometer tube by train without breaking it, the tube had to be filled in the Observatory. The tube was therefore filled according to instructions provided by Mohorovičić himself, which were very practical and offered much greater safety compared to the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

This remarkable instrument of ingenious design and precise craftsmanship recorded – among other phenomena – the Tunguska (Siberia) meteorite explosion (1908) and a number of atmospheric nuclear tests.

The Sprung-Fuess barograph was in operation at Grič until October 19, 1984. It was relocated to the current Department building in August 1985. We believe that this is the last barograph of its kind in the world. If you know of another existing specimen, please let us know!