Hipp chronograph



Manufacturer:                                   unknown

Year of production:                            unknown

Number of channels:                                     3

Velocity of paper motion:                       1 cm/s


It is unknown when the chronograph has been set to operation. The star culmination (as determined by observation using the Eugen Hammermüller passage instrument) was marked manually on one channel, while the seconds and minutes of each clock were being recorded simultaneously on the other two channels. The difference between those two marks, that is the clock time-deviation from astronomically determined time, reached the precision up to one hundredth of a second (readings of 0,1 mm).

The clock time-corrections were determined by the chronograph at Griè until October 17, 1984. The relocation was made by Ivan Geresdorfer. He set up the chronograph to operation again on December 11, 1984. The last time-correction was determined on February 1, 1992.